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Bluegrass Virtual Staffing LLC

Work From Home


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Introducing Bluegrass Virtual Staffing

Putting My Agents First

I’m proud to be able to offer this opportunity for those seeking more freedom in their lives while earning an income. I’ve been operating since 2018 with a growing client base. Get in touch to find out exactly what I can do for you. Please give me a call @ 502.509.6115 Hours of operation are Mon-Fri 9 am to 5 pm EST. Please leave a message should you get voicemail.

A Bit About Me


My name is Carol Dunlap and I left brick and mortar employment in 2018 after 23 years and very glad I did!!! . I was tired of the daily commute, the traffic and travel distance was killing me. Trying to find a work from home career online is challenging.  I became an independent business owner in 2018 after finding nothing but one scam after another! I am earning a great income from home and I have been able to work around my life with the freedom of choosing your own hours.   There is nothing better than to control your own work life and have time to do the things you enjoy! Never miss another child's sporting event, birthday or special occasion again! Go to those Dr. appointments or schedule your own free time!! 

I have been servicing a client  for 5 years and I am a Quality Assurance performance facilitator and also a Certified Instructor.

I began this journey solo and now I am sharing what has given me freedom in my life again and still be able to earn an income. The pandemic has changed the way America works and I'm offering you this chance to change your life! Check it out!!! 

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